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Combine a truly fantastic running experience with an unforgettable holiday. Registration for Bagan Temple Marathon 2015 is closed.


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We partner with a select number of travel agencies worldwide who can offer you the Bagan Temple Marathon and holiday package. They have expertise and knowledge about the event and can assist you with finding the best package option.

Book through a local travel agent and get the opportunity to:

  • include flights to Myanmar
  • travel in a group of the same nationality
  • be led by a specialised tour leader from your travel agent
  • extend your stay in Myanmar with a variety of tours
  • pay in your local currency
  • have correspondence in your native language
  • receive local knowledge on visa procedures

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Available packages for upcoming races are listed here. When selecting a package you will be redirected to Albatros Adventure website to complete your booking.
6-day package
25 Nov 2015
6 days
998 EUR

The Bagan Temple Marathon six-day package offers an unforgettable tour of the cultural hub of Yangon and the mystical plains of Bagan.

7-day package
24 Nov 2015
7 days
1248 EUR

The Bagan Temple Marathon seven-day package starts in Yangon and tours the highlights of Mandalay and Bagan. An adventure awaits!

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